Mixxedin is a global networking group comprised of a multicultural group of professionals in diverse industries who enjoy professional & personal development. We offer tons of business tips, jobs, casting notices and other great information to our members. Members can live anywhere however in the world and get the benefits of membership, however, for now, our events are held in Los Angeles, CA.

“Who says you can’t mix business and pleasure?”

This group is for professionals that understand the true meaning of networking and want to attend interesting events that have a business focus but are still fun! At our events attendees keep a business focus but they still manage to have a heckuva good time. You end up getting real business done, making connections, getting new clients and customers, learning something, and becoming a better professional all with a real smile on your face the ENTIRE time!

Attention all Mixxedin Pro Network members:
Make sure you bring your Business cards, flyers, etc for our Promotional tables so that you can promote yourselves to other attendees and increase the net effect of your networking. Of course, there is no charge to participate on the promotional table…

If you know anyone who may want to be an exhibitor, partner or sponsor and needs their own table/space, lemme know…..

Goal for Mixxedin:
To be a vehicle through which people feel a greater connection to others. To assist people in connecting authentically such that they are able to prosper in their business and life endeavors.

“Social Networking that increases your net-worth”