Personal Improvement for Professional Success:

10 Branding Strategies

A fascinating business guide filled with solid “how-to” sequences that save you time, energy and stress!

This Book includes the following:

  • How to create a strong Personal Brand
  • 8 Advantages of Personal Branding
  • How to write a compelling bio and the 16 Items your Bio needs
  • Why you need an updated Resume, even if you are not looking
  • Writing compelling Newsletters, and Press Releases
  • 13 Tips for your Career Advancement Web Site (electronic Brag Book)
  • 26 Photography Suggestions for Women & Men
  • Top 7 Ways to Design your Competitive Advantage
  • Creating your 30-Second Networking Statement
  • 5 Steps to create a Vision and Mission
  • 12 Powerful Benefits to Storytelling