What have we done lately?
Spearheaded 233% sales increase in Coke’s Nat’l Program for Chevron stores
Gave 10 minutes of advice and my Zumba instructor Tripled her business in a week
Directed Microsoft’s Great Plains 8 re-launch, traveled to over 30 cities
Improved employee performance 43% at Al Raha Beach Resort Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE
In 2 weeks we did an event in a $500,000 space w/Food, Dessert and Open Bar for $400.
Created 8 new Programs &Trained 400+ hotel employees on 5 different topics in 2 months
Created a Comic Book for a client to enhance his brand: may lead to a movie, video game
Executed small businesses marketing seminars for Staples HQ in Staples stores
Founded Mixxedin Global Professional Business Network with over 2000 active members
We have gotten clients on many US and Intl TV & Game Shows like: Rachel Ray, E! Entertainment, Tyra Banks Show, USA TV,  Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader and more!
Authored the Personal Branding book: Personal Improvement for Professional Success


“Tiffany’s dedication and commitment to excellence are commendable and I have no hesitation in referring her, Bradshaw and Company, or her collective associates as a viable source to assist you and your organization with Personal Development, Brand Building, Professional and Personal Coaching, or any other Business Development Service that her company provides.”- Jerome Smart, Coca-Cola Enterprises

“Tiffany’s professional accomplishments include an endless list of professionals, corporations, and individuals who have immensely benefited from Tiffany’s marketing and branding expertise, and the countless other professional and personal qualities that she exudes.”- Jessica Bowen, Keller Williams Realty

“Tiffany understands the needs of small companies and provided excellent value for the time I spent with her.”-Dean Butler, Peak Moore Enterprises, Inc.

“Tiffany is a resourceful, smart and tenacious Consultant and Brand Strategist. When I was searching for additional help with my award-winning short film, she explained the nuances of the business and helped prepare me to ASK the right questions from would-be collaborators. Based on her advice, I ended up hiring the right person for the job.”-Joe Doughrity, Random Acts of Media

“[Tiffany] is a wealth of qualitative, financial and viable information…”- Terry Allen, Owner 1016 Media/Real Men Cook

“I consulted with Tiffany regarding coveting enterprise clients headquartered in Southern California. She diagnosed my business plan and provided me with an account entry strategy and consultative approach that resulted in an increased demand generation from clients. Bradshaw and Company also illustrated different sales and services methodologies that I’m Currently using. My Revenue has increased since my consulting engagement commenced with Bradshaw & Company…Tiffany understands different business philosophies and can assist in helping a business redefining a vision, mission and strategic message.”- John Rabun, JR MBA, CCNA, CCDA, Communication Strategies

“Not only did [Tiffany] ignite a new passion in me to expand my business, but [she] gave me helpful and insightful ways to do so. Your friendly demeanor makes you approachable and easy to talk to…[her] knowledge and expertise was readily apparent.” Samantha Reiss, Amaze Me Entertainment

“Tiffany is a master networker with a great passion for bringing people together. Helps others reach professional and business goals/endeavors.”- Cenita Johnson, CJ Brand & Cenita Johnson Enterprises

“[I] have been able to gain a firm business perspective from her that led me to re-commit to starting my own businesses.”- Tu Pete, TP Shopping